This first post is part introduction, part mission statement, part pretentious philosophizing. So the introduction part. My name is Jamie Moen. I am 35. I make a living as a machinist. But that’s not where I’d like to be in five years. I would have said the same thing five years ago. I’ve wanted to be a writer for most of my adult life. Even when I had other goals (film school) writing was a major part of it. Lack of direction and motivation were problems. I hope to deal with those issues in part with this blog. My plan is to post at least once every two weeks, with the potential for other smaller posts in between. As far as the content, that will vary depending on my whims at the time. I guess that takes care of the introduction and mission statement in one. Now on to the pretentious philosophizing.

I spent a lot of time today not writing this blog post as I intended. I wasn’t unproductive. In fact I accomplished a lot of other things that I wanted to get done. Most of which involved doing work on my house. I am very satisfied with what I did get done today. But most of it was in the spirit of avoiding writing even with the intent I had on making writing a priority. I’ve started to realize that it may be a matter of harnessing the idiosyncrasies of my personal psychology in order to accomplish the things that are important to me. If I can find a way of tricking myself in to using writing as a way to procrastinate from some other project that might be the key.

One of the means of procrastination is worry that it won’t be good enough. But it can never be good enough if it’s never made in the first place. It’s so much easier to put off progress for the ostensible goal of perfection. But perfection will never come. Done is always better than perfect and so much more attainable if I will just let go of childish impossibilities. With that I can now say I am done with this one thing, my first blog post.