Filling in the Empty Spaces

We start life with nothing but questions. With no experience everything is a question, an empty space to explore. As we grow older those empty spaces gradually start to fill in. But even after a lifetime the empty spaces are still infinitely large and our experiences so tiny in comparison. There is so much to know and so little time to know it. It’s no wonder people feel the need to fill in the gaps. Some with direct investigations, some with inferences, implication, or coercion. Eventually we begin to stop asking the questions. All the spaces we are willing to see have been colored in and there is nothing that will change them. The world has told us, and we have accepted that, those things are answered so there is little incentive for continuing the questioning. We are told there is no more reason for genuine exploration. We get stagnant and old.

Except for some those “answered questions” don’t quite satisfy. As overwhelming as the expanse of the unknown is, it’s not an excuse to shrink it down to a false image that we can hold in our hand. Simplicity may be comforting, but it is not in the end fulfilling. It’s a lie that eats away at one and eventually leaves a person hollow. I would rather be filled with all I am able, knowing that I can’t take it all in, than to let myself be deceived into believing in false limits.

No, all the best music hasn’t been written.

No, all the best writing hasn’t been published.

No, all the best people haven’t been born.

No, the past wasn’t an Elysium to be yearned for.

There will always be more. And yet more. Accepting the past as the completion is only done at one’s own peril. And a great peril it is. It is the peril of stagnation and decay. If you believe in a perfection that has already come there is nowhere to go but down. And you are welcome to that future. I will have none of it. My future is one of expanding possibilities and as yet unexplored potential. I want to continue to grow and learn until the physical and spiritual limits of my consciousness have been reached. I will likely die before even the surface of the vast ocean of knowledge in the universe has been explored, but I will know that I have not given in to the comforting lies of false limits.

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