State of the Blog 2017

So I’m a bit over six months into this blog project. And this is the first one of the new year. I’ve never had much interest in New Year’s resolutions or changing things because the calendar has flipped to a new arbitrary number. But this time I decided to use this arbitrary mark of time moving forward as a point to take stock of where I’ve gotten with this and where I had hoped to be. This will be a sort of “state of the blog” post.

The truth is I didn’t really have much for expectations. I really just wanted to institute some kind of regular deadline for myself to write. Making myself publicly accountable was my way of doing that. As I have no employer keeping me on task with my writing I made my own unwillingness to break a public commitment my motivation. And honestly it has been tight sometimes. Even this post is one I’ve been putting off all afternoon while trying to work on it. I keep a folder of rough ideas for new posts, but when the time comes to write them out in to fleshed out essays my interest in them seems to magically disappear. It’s simple procrastination. Any one of them would be fine for a topic, but when faced with actually have to do the work it’s easier to convince myself that they aren’t right to develop further. Or that I need more time to work on that particular topic. That problem could easily be solved if I started writing earlier than the afternoon of the day the post was due. But that’s a hurdle I’ve only managed to negotiate a few times. So in spite of the fact that there have been several times when I nearly threw up my hands and skipped a post I’ve managed to keep myself on track and get them all out when I said I would. So I guess my intent for the next six months is to be more on top of the writing and have more than a rough sketch done by the day of the post so I don’t have the issues with procrastination that I have been dealing with.

I would like to have more posts dealing with focused topics. The ones I’ve put up that were more rambling “state of my mind” posts are fine and therapeutic to some extent, but I don’t want them to be the exclusive content. I’d like to investigate other topics of interest. But most of them will require research so that I’m not just speaking in generalities. Research requires more planning and less procrastination. So maybe accomplishing this one will kill two birds with one stone.

Incorporating fiction into the blog is another of the things I’d like to do in the coming months. Before starting this blog fiction was the main focus of my writing. Since starting the blog most of my output has been limited to the writing you see here. Getting back to writing more fiction is something I would like to do and adding it to the things published here is a way to motivate me to do that. The strange thing is that although much of what I have put up here is very personal I’m more apprehensive to post my fiction writing than the non-fiction that I have already put up. I’m not sure why that is. Something interesting for me to consider as I work on it.

So in closing: Write more. Write more often. Write more fiction. Write less fearfully.

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